Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Jul 30, 2018

House planners tend to leave the least space for the kitchen and the washroom. Quite often, you can’t modify the plan to physically enlarge either of them. The tricky part of designing any bathroom is that you have to ensure numerous functions can be carried out in a very small area. Yet, being the smart cookie you are, you always find a way to work around almost every challenge thrown at you.

Sink Size Should Not Dominate the Overall Design

The one function which is common to every bathroom, regardless of whether it is part of a home, office, hotel, mall, or cinema hall, is that people will wash their hands for various reasons. People might even need to carry out their morning ablutions, shave, or wash their face there. Therefore, don’t opt for the corner sink unless you are really hard pressed for space. Choose a small sized wash basin, made of some easy to maintain, but classy looking material like chrome, stainless steel, China, or granite. These lend pizazz to the bathroom, without losing out on functionality.

Make It Wall Hanging

When the toilet and wash basin are wall hung, you naturally free up considerable floor space. This conveys an illusion of the bathroom being larger than it is. Using colors like ivory, very light yellow, peach, and even white for the wash basin and the commode make them blend into almost any kind of décor, and furnishing style.

Concealed Cistern

The cisternsPaint It in Soothing Colors Which Reflect Light

A bathroom, painted in soothing colors which reflect light, necessarily looks bigger. The colors convey an idea of expanse, making the washroom look spacious, and elegant, rather than being cramped. Try and not create a medley of colors with the walls, basin, bathroom cabinet, shower curtains, and blinds of varying colors. That will look garish rather than colorful or bright. Avoid using black anywhere — taps, bath fixtures, towel racks, pipes, and certainly not on walls — as it would be counterproductive, and make the bathroom look smaller.

Resourceful Lighting

Since a dimly lit room looks smaller than it is; it makes perfect sense to light up your washroom brightly to make it look bigger. More than recessed lighting, it is the LEDs placed on either side of the bathroom mirror which makes the entire washroom look lit up. However, if it isn’t practical to affix more than one bulb or CFL; then look for 18 W LED downlights. One bulb would be adequate to light up the room. Always choose cool white or bright white for bulb color, otherwise, it won’t give an accurate reflection of how a person looks or the color of an outfit. Also, some of the colored bulbs make rooms look smaller.

Do It with Mirrors

Mirrors are useful not just to admire your profile, but also to reflect light. Strategic placement of mirrors can reflect the light in the washroom, especially if you can allow natural daylight to permeate the bathroom. However, in a small bathroom, you are unlikely to be able to place more than one mirror. Placing it above the wash basin will help when someone needs to fix their hair, or shave.

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