Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sinks

Any modern kitchen is unthinkable without a sink which is as decorative as it is useful. In the home and in any hotel or restaurant, the kitchen sink guards the health of all those who eat food cooked in that kitchen. We offer you a range which has the dimensions to suit every kind of kitchen, and a sufficiently large capacity to ensure that all the dishes which are scrubbed there come out squeaky clean. Prayag India is proud to bring you all kinds of kitchen sinks to match diverse needs and budgets. Products like the Quba (1.8mm 304) kitchen sinks have a deep, rectangular bowl to stack dishes conveniently. Others like the Pearl range of the perfect round bowl with flat 90-degree side walls have convenient edges to place the soap dish or liquid soap dispenser with the scrubbers.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The lustrous beauty of each stainless steel kitchen sink makes even an ordinary kitchen look stylish. For larger families, and kitchens catering to numerous people simultaneously, there are designs with double bowls. You can have taps fitted to both, or moveable taps fitted in the middle to wash and rinse the dishes conveniently. The Silver (1mm 204- Isi) different designs which make usage very easy. One such design has the dishwasher and scrubber space between two bowls. There is another model which lets you to keep your dishwasher and scrubber on one side, and drain the dishes on the other side of the basin. The surface finish is so fine that it looks like new even after several years. The Gold (1mm 204- Isi) offers you choices of sinks with a single bowl or with double bowls which have an attached drain board.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Our Solitaire (304 -1MM-Isi) range is one of the best in class as far as undermount kitchen sinks go. It has a model with a very convenient drain board attached to it, enabling you to maintain a dry kitchen floor even after the dishes have been scoured and rinsed. It also offers you a choice of single bowl and double bowl sinks to match your specific requirements. They are of adjustable height, which make them a godsend for homes and eateries where people of different heights may need to clean the utensils and crockery. Their glossy finish lends them a touch of class.

Small Kitchen Sink

The perfect rectangular bowls with taper walls are appropriate for use as small kitchen sinks. Their compact design ensures that they serve your purpose without eating into available space too much. The quality of workmanship, which is our hallmark as manufacturers, is significantly noticeable here. The Croma (0.8mm-304) comes in three different designs. One comes with a drainboard; the second one has a rectangular shape. The round bowl has niches on which you can rest the dishwasher and scrubber while doing the dishes. They can be installed without too much hassle as they fit into corners which might have been otherwise wasted. Hygiene in the kitchen can be maintained easily as these small kitchen sinks can be cleaned daily with ease.

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