Prayag began its journey in 1986. We offer corrosion-proof PVC piping which provides an unrivaled, proven and genuinely feasible solution for underground system, helping districts and homes in India spend more smarter. The Company provides drainage and pressure plumbing products in all the valuable plastic materials, for example, PVC, CPVC, uPVC and much more.

Prayag is a professional plastic assembling company, centralized in India. It gives an assortment of valuable products and services to buyers and organizations across the country. Prayag is focused on the generation and supply of plastic pipe and fittings that meet client necessities and industry standards. We will always continually enhance our products, services, and our quality management system by setting up and reviewing quality goals on a strong premise.

Prayag India offers a precise line of PVC, CPVC, uPVC pipes or water piping products for a lot of end use applications. Our quality products have proven tough and successful and give the feeling of peace to years of maintenance free performance.

In pressurized systems, our pipe is regularly utilized as a part of agribusiness, recycled water, landscaping, and consumable water service applications. Prayag India offers both dissoluble weld and gasket joints. We likewise can give a comprehensive line of pipe solutions for non-pressure uses, for example, clean sewer, storm water, septic, and well casing.

With a proper installation of our solvent weld or gasket products, water-tight joints eliminate the penetration, exfiltration, or root interruption seen in contending materials. Prayag is devoted to giving products which meet or surpass necessities and is focused on reacting to demand for the highest quality products and services as per the satisfaction of our clients.

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