Sanitary Pipes

Pipes connect people and businesses. A host of things are conveyed through them, including liquids, powders, gases, small solids, chemicals, and slurries among others. Almost every building has a sanitary pipe regardless of whether it is a residential place or a commercial establishment.

Any place that has a washroom needs sanitary pipes to carry away the waste matter. It is best to buy them from a reliable manufacturer like Prayag India to ensure that the sewerage is disposed appropriately. It brings you proven and genuinely feasible solutions for underground systems. Our sanitary pipes are durable, hard to damage, and long lasting.

PVC Pipes

The ease of installing a PVC pipe makes it a hot favorite of plumbers. It is softer and more malleable than metal. We offer tailor made solutions to ensure that your piping system conforms to your specific needs. This enhances performance, and reduces maintenance required to keep them in top notch condition.

Since additives used to make PVC pipes depend on end-use, our PVC pipes are stringently tested on certain parameters which match your requirements such as whether the pipe is going to be used for irrigation, or for waste lines. Their tough construction makes them resistant to sunlight, oxidation, and a variety of chemicals. Their reliability and safety make PVC pipes particularly desirable in a host of applications, be they to drain storm water or for use in insulation.

Plastic Pipe Fittings

In response to a demand for products and services which are of the highest quality, we bring you plastic pipe fittings which prevent penetration, exfiltration, or root interruption caused by contending materials. Our dissoluble weld and gasket joints for our various kinds of pipes facilitate landscaping, recycling of water, and use in agriculture.

Vacuuming clean your home or office, conveying hazardous waste material, and transporting compressed gases are made easy and safe when you complement your piping system with the excellent strength of our plastic pipe fittings.

Your satisfaction is our reward. Therefore, we bring you a range of pressure and non-pressure plumbing products which conform to the most stringent standards.

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