PTMT Symet Bath Assets

Plastic Taps

Prayag India brings you the kind of elegant PTMT SYMET bath assets which would make your family members and visitors want to stay in the washroom. Their stunning looks make any washroom convey a sense of luxury. Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or have a commercial establishment, you might prefer to install plastic taps which now come in colors and designs that can leave users confused whether they are made of ivory, or some other material. The technology utilized in our standard push cocks which are used for washing hands or filling buckets, make them look decorative without compromising on their functionality in any way. The excellent quality assured by all plastic fittings ensure that you don’t need to shell out large amounts of money to maintain them in top condition.


The ease of installing PTMT taps gives you an idea of how smoothly life will run without your having to lose sleep on how to deal with temperamental sanitary and bath fittings. Special cocks and mixers elicit a “Wow!” from anyone using them for the first time. Their stunning looks combined with their ease of use make them worth every rupee you spend. Moreover, you can customize specifications to ensure that you get the precise design and dimension you require. The water pressure is never too much, nor too little. Should you choose to have options for hot and cold water, and need mixers to achieve the right temperature, those are also available. Durability is assured, and you can opt for the angle and length of the connecting pipe in accordance with your specific needs.

PTMT Bath Fittings

Even our bathroom accessories like towel racks, rope hooks, smart shelves, tooth brush holder, quadrangle soap dishes, liquid soap dispensers, and toilet paper roll dispensers come in soft, soothing colors to enhance the user experience. Rigorous quality tests ensure that the PTMT bath fittings like showers come in a variety of designs while ensuring that performance is top class, and they enjoy a longer functional life. As the manufacturers, Prayag India offer very competitive pricing, making us the market leaders. Best of all, you can choose anything from individual pieces to buying an assortment of bath fittings, including towel rail or ring, mirror cab, rope hook to hang bath curtains, elegantly designed soap dishes, and tooth brush holder.

PTMT Sanitary Fittings

The smooth finish of our PTMT sanitary fittings lend them an elegance which would make people quite forget their purpose. Whether you want an under the counter basin or a one-piece wash basin without a pedestal, we offer compact designs for those who have less space to spare. And, if you want your washroom to look like something out of the pages of a magazine, then there is the art basin which you can flaunt like a showpiece. There are a variety of covered and uncovered European water closets (EWCs) with an even greater variety of cisterns to choose from. Transporting them from our warehouse or other outlets to your desired destination is not such a challenge as we offer modern transportation facility.

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