Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware

We bring you the kind of sanitary ware which would make users linger in the washroom well beyond reasonable time. Their modern designs befit the times we live in by seamlessly blending into the rest of the interior design. It complements your image as being always with it.

In the home, in a mall, theatre, hotel, and in the workplace, such sanitary wares bring beauty and elegance to your bathroom. We at Prayag India believe in spoiling you for choice with our elegant designs. Browse through our offerings to choose the products you like best.

Sanitary ware manufacturers

As state of the art sanitary ware manufacturers, we pride ourselves on our sleek and stylish products. They are of such a high quality to ensure that they will last longer, and improve the looks of wherever they are used. You will find that here you stand to get the best deal for a comparable price after you’ve checked what others have to offer.

Our reputation precedes us, making it imperative for us to maintain our high-quality standards. Even if you only need it to wash your face or your hands, we want you to have fun shopping around for the wash basin of your preference. Placement is secondary. You might even like to have a wash basin in the passageway, or in the dining room to facilitate personal hygiene.

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