Toilet Cistern

Our philosophy at Prayag India is that we should stay environment friendly even in our sanitary ware. Therefore, we have brought for you cisterns of diverse designs as it is advisable to use a toilet cistern which utilizes less water. This makes them adaptable to any budget. The Designer suite uses advanced technology. Its sleek design ensures there is a sense of elegance whenever a person uses the washroom.

However, the Saga and the Gracia ensure that less water is wasted. These are easy to maintain, especially when they are used in conjunction with toilets which are installed flush with the wall. In fact, it is the wall hanging toilets with a soft closing detachable seat cover which present the least difficulties. The Vintage range of cisterns in our collection are designed to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Water Cistern

We offer you various styles for our water cisterns too, as we aren’t just suppliers but are manufacturers too. The Macasa and Duo give just that touch of modernity which makes your bathroom look so stylish. Also, their design ensures that there is no damage to the walls from condensation of water droplets.

Innovative bathroom hardware leads to less noise, which is necessary in a small flat. After all, who wants to hear a flush running while eating? The new click position system has proven popular with homemakers who are looking to add contemporary fittings to their redone bathroom. The Smart line is true to its name, and adds convenience to the beauty of your washroom.

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