You want your home and office to boast of the latest in decor, which is elegant and sophisticated. This includes the search for bathroom installations which match the rest of the interior decorations and styling of the establishment. However, the search for style should not overwhelm the functional aspects of installing a toilet.

Therefore, it should be comfortable, placed conveniently, and aesthetically pleasing. It should never be squashed in between the sink and the wall, especially if there are elderly members who would have mobility issues. Choose from any of the one-piece European water closets (EWCs) which Prayag India has on offer as they are more stable. We bring you the best rated toilet in the market at competitive prices.

Wall Hung Toilet

Renovate or redecorate with elan: If you want a touchless toilet, then the wall hung toilet is the one for you. With everything from the cistern to the evacuation pipe — that is all except the bowl — concealed behind the wall, not only does it save floor space, but also adds to the style of the washroom. It also makes the room seem larger as it only takes up a part of the wall.

You’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to design and shape. There are the two-piece twin flush fitting wall hung toilet. These include standard urinals; the P-trap, Vivo, and Aquifer for western style EWCs; and squatting pans, Orrisa pans, and city pans for those who find the Indian style toilet more convenient. These are easy to clean, thereby enabling you to improve overall hygiene wherever it is being put into use.

Toilet Seat

Such toilets save water as they utilize the new dual flush system, which adapts flush technology employing bigger trap ways to evacuate waste fast and efficiently. Whatever shape suits your taste, and overall style of the bathroom — round, oval, rectangular — is on offer here. We keep your sense of aesthetics in mind. To that end, we ensure that you get options on whether to include a toilet seat or not. It can make the height adjustable, while keeping the toilet self-contained.

They are supposed to fit over the toilet bowl for sanitary purposes. You can choose the material in harmony with the color scheme and decor, while seeking durability. Both wooden and plastic seats have their own advantages, depending on the kind of local climate where they are to be installed, and other local factors such as ease of transportation.

Toilet Fittings

Never overlook the fact that toilet fittings add to the functionality of the bathroom than do any accessories in any other room of the home, or even office. Non-electric ones are the plumbing accessories which control water stream, like showers, jacuzzi, faucets, hot and cold water diverters.

They help give a finished look to the washroom. When they are chosen well, there is less wastage of water bringing you lower water bills. For smooth, hassle-free functioning, trust our toilet fittings which are manufactured using the best technology, and tried and tested processes.

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