Wash Basins

Wash basin

Whether you are styling a new establishment, or simply renovating your home or office, check out the different designs and shapes that our wash basins come in. Ivory or white, square, round, or oval, you can make a style statement with the kind of wash basin you install. You would find that our designs enjoy an optimum quality as designer wash basins. Both the Gracia and the Salsa are very deep, making them appropriate for shaving too. Usually, wash basins are wider, than deeper. Since these two are wall hanging basins, they don’t require a pedestal. Such basins save on floor space without becoming precariously perched.

Wash basin sink

You naturally want your wash basin sink to be highly efficient and versatile. If you have a preference for a specific style, you can choose from one which is made of ceramic, porcelain, stone, stainless steel, or any other material. Just match the style to your budget to create the ambience you desire. Under-counter basins have the advantage that the water spilled on the counter can be mopped into the basin direct. In fact, you can make a style statement by your choice of material used in constructing the counter. For example, an ivory basin set in a black stone counter exudes elegance.

Bathroom wash basin

When strapped for space, you could always install a bathroom wash basin which fits into the corner niftily, such as our Linea or Waves. It makes savvy use of the right angle where two walls meet. These ceramic basins are corrosion resistant, which makes for durability. They have a standard basin height ensuring that even children can reach them. Pedestal wash basins are also available in elegant and aesthetic designs to suit any type of room, especially in large houses with high ceilings. Wall hanging basins can be set up with diverse kinds of faucets, and other stylish fittings to give off an air of sophistication. Always choose the design which matches the rest of the decor.

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